Music For All Generations

Since Rejoice released her debut CD "Not Afraid of the Dark" in October, 2005, she has sold nearly 1,000 CDs to people of all ages, mostly by word of mouth. From the Mayor of her hometown Arlington, who says she loves it, to her teenage children's friends, her music crosses all generational gaps. It is a very listenable CD that has a variety of influences, R&B, funk, Folk Rock & Alternative.

Rejoice starting writing songs at the age of 10 in New Jersey. She spent summers in California with her Dad and then finally moved West to go to school. She studied music and horticulture in California and then Oregon and finally moved to Seattle, WA where she sold herbs and vegetables at Seattle's Pike Place Market while she raised her three children. Music was always at the forefront, always writing songs, though, never having the opportunity to record.



Now that her children are grown she teamed with her long-time musician friend and recording engineer Rob Peebler to finally record her debut "Not Afraid of the Dark". Rob also played electric and 12-string guitar. She called on another old friend, Josh Clauson of "Flowmotion" and part of his band to back her up on electric guitar, drums and percussion. Dan Schmidt of "Freedom" plays keyboards and bass. Five radio stations have picked it up and there seems to be several hits already. "Let it Slide" and "Wake up Love"appear to be the first hit.

"Tremendous vocals and overall solid
songwriting and fact, we
feel that your music is among the absolute
best in indie music."

"It was very good on all levels. The songs
well written and the guitar parts very nice and
the vocals very strong!"
                                  - Country Joe McDonald

Rejoice had a very marketable
singer/sonwriter sound."
                            - Ben Bruce,